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After the closing, we always ask the homeowner for their thoughts on how the whole experience went with us buying their house. We collect that feedback and we post it on this page so that our future customers can have a better understanding of the quality and care that we always strive to provide for each individual purchase.

Here Is What Our Past-Customers Said About Us...

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I had been trying to sell my Atlanta house for a long while when Ben came by to see it. Having never sold a house on my own prior, I had some uncertainty and doubt about the whole thing. Ben really made the experience great. Also, not knowing myself how to deal with the process, he handled it with courtesy and thoughtfulness. He gave me the time I needed to sort out my personal affairs, and I never felt pressured or rushed. A few other people also saw the house, but Ben offered me more money and I felt like I was in good hands. The closing occurred as planned and I left the office with a check just as Ben promised. Ben and his group were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Thank you!

- Bonnie Sparks, Alpharetta

All of a sudden I found myself responsible for a property that I did not want or need. The event that brought on such an abrupt change in my life was when my Mother passed away unexpectedly. As a result of her death, I became immediately responsible for not only my primary residence, but also the home she owned that was passed to me as my inheritance. I suppose most people would view receiving a house as an inheritance as a good thing, but I actually found it to be extremely stressful and unwanted. I found Ben through a friend who had previously liquidated a piece of Real Estate to Ben's company. Long story short, Ben purchased my inherited Atlanta property within a matter of 12 quick days. The process was painless - I had no idea that it was so simple to sell a property because the only experience I had in Real Estate prior to dealing with my Mom's house was my primary residence - and that purchase took at least 2 months. Ben, you have my sincere thanks for helping me to make the best from a very bad situation.

- Trey Clement, East Point

I was approached by quite a few other investors when I put my house up for sale. I chose to go with Ben mainly because he just seemed like a normal person and didn't pressure me to sell the house like the others did. He was always willing to talk and answer all of my crazy questions I had along the way. I do recommend Ben for any one looking for a good, honest Buyer.

- Charles Brock, Atlanta

Our entire transaction went just like he said it would from beginning to end. There were no changes, delays, or hiccups. Smooth, simple, and easy.

- Carol Wigginton, Stone Mountain

Ben's a real pro. Why can't more people operate like this? Life would be so much more enjoyable. Thank for the help my friend.

- Samuel Waters, Atlanta

Even though I needed to sell my house in Atlanta during a very difficult time, Ben was amazing to deal with. Sincere thanks and best wished for you and your family. Can't imagine a better person to work with if you have a home for sale.

- RJ Wilkinson, Decatur

I don't know if he realizes it, but Ben played a critical role in helping me close a very challenging chapter of my life. He was fast and efficient and the closing was done in less than a week. I'm stunned! I would highly recommend his service to anyone.

- Anna Belle Hanson, Atlanta

The Ben Clardy's of this world are growing more rare by the day! Dealing with him was a pleasure. His offer was straight forward and very fair. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. I wish him the best in this endeavor and all future ones. Much thanks for all your help Sir.

- Don McLandrey, Atlanta

The best. What else can be said?

- Agnes Miller, College Park

I'm highly satisfied with every aspect of our transaction. I needed to sell my Atlanta house so that I could finalize my divorce. Fair price, the closing occurred quickly so I could leave town on time. A+ all the way around. Ben has my recommendation to other homeowners in Atlanta.

- Roger Howell, Stone Mountain

Working with Ben was... effortless. He is conscientious, keeps commitments and facilitated the sale of my property. He managed everything so well that there really wasn't that much that I did other than sign the papers! Thanks Ben.

- Reginald Jones, Mableton

You gave me cash for my inherited Atlanta property... to me, that makes you a SAINT! It was awesome working with you Ben!! I've actually given your recommendation to a close friend of mine who is selling her house in Atlanta.

- Patricia Polly, Atlanta

My husband and I were very pleased with how well the transaction went. Thanks for taking good care of us.

- Gerty Tolk, Lithonia

I'm grateful for all the help you've given me in this very trying situation. Those tenants were driving me insane - literally. I have real respect for you personally and professionally and I truly wish you the very best.

- Jessie Oglesbee, Woodstock

Ben's a real straight-shooter and for anyone who wants cash for an Atlanta house, you really owe it to yourself to get his offer.

- Jenny Mires, Atlanta

Ben is the most nice, efficient and understanding person I've come across in a long time. He helped me and my family in a difficult situation. Me and my family are very thankful to him for helping us with the duplex.

- Mason Heeton, Rex

He was very polite and professional. Ben looked at the house and gave a good honest offer and closed on the house, making the entire process simple and easy.

- Bethany Arnold, Stone Mountain

They're the nicest people we have ever worked with. Their honesty and kind demeanor are truly blessings to my mom and me. We're both so thankful!

- Phoenix Lang, Riverdale

Thank you so much for making this as painless as possible. Your professionalism is highly commended in this deal. Thank you.

- Jon Patterson, Atlanta

When my Mother passed away, I inherited her house in Atlanta. Ben made it simple for us to resolve the final nagging issue with the estate. We are appreciative of your assistance through the process.

- Joel Critchlow, Atlanta

It was a simple and quick transaction. Ben was very pleasant to deal with. We are quite happy selling it to Ben and letting him deal with the headaches of fixing and selling that ugly Atlanta house. Kinda surprised he wanted it actually!

- Pete Marion, Atlanta

Ben was very friendly, open and upfront with everything. From the first meeting to the last he was very helpful and had a wonderful attitude. His offer was very fair and had wonderful people that he worked with.

- Joan Hawthorn, Atlanta

It was a pleasure doing business with you! I needed to sell my Atlanta house quickly. He made an offer and we were able to close on the house within 2 weeks. I was very satisfied with the way things worked out. If I had another house to sell, I'd definitely call you first. Thanks a million.

- Todd Polk, Alpharetta

Pleasantly surprised at your way of doing business Ben. The whole thing went by so fast I'm still trying to get my head around it. That was easy!

- Scott Leaders, Jonesboro

He was honest and made the sale easy.

- Jodie Quint, Jonesboro

Mr. Clardy is a man of his word. He handled our transaction very professionally and made sure we received the money for our house promptly, without any problems. Plus - he called me "Sir". I didn't know people still did that!

- Joshua Holmes, Atlanta

I'm happy to have found Ben. He was recommended to me by my sister-in-law after he helped her with a house in Lavonia that she inherited. I'm thankful for his help, and I can't imagine how things could have gone any smoother. Great job. Thanks.

- Scottie Stark, Atlanta

Excellent service and it was pleasant doing work with him. SPEED was PHENOMINAL!

- Isreal Montego, Decatur

At our first meeting, with Ben, I could earnestly say he is friendly, knowledgable, honest and forth right. From that point forward everything just fell into place. If you're selling a house in Atlanta, call Ben - he's your guy.

- Tammy H, Decatur

Ben bought my house quick and at a fair price. As rough as it was, I was pleasantly surprised that the offer was so competitive. Really, what else could I have asked for? Ben, you have my thanks.

- Ronald Boyers, Atlanta

I have two words for anyone who is considering working with Ben Clardy and team: "DO IT!" Ben and team made the entire process for me to sell my house simple, easy, and profitable. From start to finish, the process took less than a month--just like Ben said it would. In fact, everything Ben said would happen, actually happened. While I did my research and spoke with many individuals regarding the sale of my house, I chose Ben because he was helpful, honest, and hard-working. He provided a guide approach in the sale of my house and I indeed benefitted from his expertise. I never felt at any time that Ben would not deliver on his promises. He allowed me to move forward with my life plans as a result of the sale of my house. To me, Ben puts more than his name in his business, he puts himself and his reputation. I highly recommend Ben and team if you want to sell your house quickly and in a manner that gets you top dollar and all the while you feel confident in knowing you can trust him. Thank you, Ben!

- Craig Southern, Riverdale

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