A Few Reasons Why People Sell Their Atlanta Rental Property

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If you're reading this then I know you have a headache and probably some anxiety. There's nothing easy about being a landlord in Atlanta. I've never met a person that likes to fix leaky toilets, faucets, or clean up after dirty tenants.

Trust me - I've experienced all the problems that go along with being a landlord. It can be a very trying a frustrating experience to say the least. There are a variety of reasons why a landlord may want to liquidate one of their rental properties.

Are you dealing with expensive repairs that were caused by crappy tenants? Are they paying late and providing excuses every month why they can't pay on time?

Do you live out of state? Do you possibly want to sell your out of state rental house? I can certainly help. I help out of state landlords all the time who want to liquidate Atlanta Real Estate.

If you answered "Yes" then let's work together to come up with a solution that solves your real estate problems.

4 Reasons To Sell Your Atlanta Rental

1. Problematic tenants that constantly pay late or not at all.

2. A big repair like the roof or air conditioner needs to be replaced. Why spend thousands when you can just sell it today?

3. Negative cash flow or no cash flow. This is more common then you think. Each month you shell out hundreds of dollars for someone else to live in your property.

4. Fire damage is very costly and most property owners don't recover from it and if you're dealing with flooding then you better have insurance... Many don't.

I'll make you an offer today and you'll have this problem property sold within 72 hours. If you're worried about the tenants - then don't. We'll buy the house with the tenants and work through the problems on our time.

Don't forget that you don't have fix or clean anything! We'll buy it in any condition.

Fill out the simple form below to get started. If you don't like forms then call me today 706-963-0051

Don't wait around... Get that Atlanta rental home sold today.

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