Inherited Atlanta House - Now What?

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You'd think that inheriting a home would be a blessing but in all reality it has the potential to turn into a financial disaster. If you're the beneficiary of a Real Estate inheritance or if you're dealing with a probate situation then it's very important that you understand your options.

You might even be wondering how to sell an inherited house? The process of selling the property can vary depending on a lot of factors, but you can rest assured that we are knowledgeable in how to correctly navigate the purchase of your house.

Sometimes the house is in a completely different but somewhat similar situation, and you might be trying to figure out how to sell a probate house. We can certainly help with that type of situation as well.

More than likely the home has been in the family for years and the thought of selling it is emotionally taxing. Regardless of the details, we will be gentle and courteous through the entire process.

So what are your options? You could become a landlord but that means you'll have to deal with expensive repairs, maintenance, taxes, evictions, and all sorts of related stress.

For many people, the best answer is simply to sell the inherited property, collect the proceeds of the sale, and move on with your life. If there are multiple heirs then selling is undeniably the easiest solution.

Why Sell Your Inherited Atlanta House For Cash?

  • Too Many Repairs – They add up very quickly and some repairs need specialized expertise when addressing the issues. If your dealing with expensive repairs then you should think about selling in "As Is" condition.

  • Collectibles, Trash, and Debris – This can turn into a huge headache - especially if you have chemicals, appliances, or tires that need to be disposed of. You can't just throw these items in a dumpster. You have to work with a company that specializes in removing hazardous materials.

  • Financial Stress - Most people don't have the ability to carry two mortgages or manage a rental property remotely. You have to ask yourself "Am I qualified to handle this situation?" If the answer is "NO", then we would be glad to create an all-cash offer that would solve your problem.

  • Multiple Heirs - About half of the time, the property will be the inheritance of more than 1 person. Although there were good intentions when the inheritance was set up this way, often times this kind of situation can lead to a lot of unnecessary tension and grief between the heirs.

  • Limited Pool Of Buyers - The majority of inherited or probate properties will not qualify for conventional financing because they often need too much work. This shrinks your potential "Buyer Pool" dramatically. The good news is that I pay cash for houses and can close on yours whenever you're ready.

Your privacy is of the up most importance to us and we’ll handle your situation with great care and concern. Ben Buys Atlanta Homes upholds the highest moral standards in every transaction. We know that dealing with an inherited property can be a very emotional experience, and we are very receptive to your specific needs and wants.

For a better understanding of how respectfully I'm able to handle the purchase of your inherited or probate property, I invite you to review the testimonials from other people who have allowed me to purchase their property.

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